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2013-03-11 14.27.26Harmony Button is a poet and educator from Rochester, NY who now lives in Salt Lake City, UT.  She currently teaches English at The Waterford School, an independent liberal arts school for PK-12. Harmony’s philosophies on education are often analogous to her philosophies of poetry in that she believes that neither will thrive without joy, structure, empathy and energy.

Harmony Button’s work has been included in Best American Notable Essays of 2015, she has won the Larry Levis Prize, and has received multiple nominations for Pushcart and Best of the Web awards.  Follow her @HarmonyButton on Twitter.

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Swarm: A Collection of Essays – Augury Books Prose Prize Finalist.


Essays on Education —

Writing In Real Time: How to Teach Writing Through Collaborative Conversation – NAIS Independent Teacher Magazine

Writing Across the Curriculum blog series

The Perfect Time to Make This Mistake

You Measure Progress by the Falling Down Parts

Paper Tape Magazine —

This Word Is Play

An Autobiography in Water

This Word Is Dig

This Word Is Forest

This Word Is Teach

This Word Is Body

This Word Is Cop

A Little More Pirate Now

This Word Is Church — republished excerpt in Rock & Sling

This Word Is Earth

Why We Don’t Buy

How to Pack for Church Camp (An Anthology): “Goddess Great”

Chicago Quarterly Review — Dear Spider(s).  – A Best American Notable Essay of 2015

White Whale ReviewInversion

Fringe — J’s AK

The FiddlebackFive Waters

Thrippie Galore — Thrift Puppy


The Healing Muse, “Clearances” and “Rich” (print only: Fall 2020)

The Cape Rock, An Understandable Mistake” (Print only: November, 2017)

Juked: “Buy the Flowers For -“ (June 2017)  – Pushcart Nominated

Oasis Short Film Festival: “Women Who”  (February 2017)

Beech Street: “Lessons from Mountains” (December 2016)

Duende: “Biceps” and “The Wound.” (October 2016)

Adirondack Review: “Satellite” (June 2016)

Loudon Library Poetry Anthology: “You Uncomfortable Living Thing” (Summer, 2016)

Cleaver: “[A brother is a cistern and a bucket with a rope]” (June, 2016)

Cobalt: “Hack” (Issue 16, Winter 2016)

Black Heart Magazine: “Trataka“(March, 2015)

Stoneboat: “Lessons from Rain Storms” (Issue 5-2, Spring 2015)

Bayou Magazine: “Redhead” and “Our Oak Oars” (Issue 62, Winter 2015)

Cleaver Magazine: “Nativity”  (December, 2014)

Rock & Sling: “Lapsed Soul” (available in print only, issue 9.2)

STIRRING: “The Invention of Shelter”

Tupelo Press: 30/30 Challenge, September 2014 — write 30 poems in 30 days to raise funds for Tupelo!

Storm Cellar: “Dear Legs” and “Puddin’ Paw”  (Pushcart Nominated)

Clapboard House: [when the rain breaks],” “Things Which Restore Faith In My Ability to Handle It,” “Origins of Music,” “Mr. Cicada’s Escort Service,” and “Can I Eat That”

TEDx Sandy: “Women Who,”Dear Student” and “Techy Go Boom”

Citizen Brooklyn — “Little Self”  Video by Raoul Beltrame. Read by Eliza Veta.

Inklight — “Not the Road” (paired with image by photographer Joel B. McEachern)

Chaffey Review — “Lesson from My Body Part XVII: Shake Its” (Volume 11 – print only)

Black Heart Magazine — “Thirst” and “As If They Might Have Friends”

Cobalt — “Yearend Budget Report” and “Invitation to My Body Part XIX: Real Girl”

Redheaded Stepchild — “Dream Woke Stone”

Ithaca Lit — “Peach” and “Leaf to Prayer”

Drafthorse — “Hardware Crush,” “Heartware Store,” and “Saint Rita”

SLEET magazine — Pieces (Pushcart Nominated)

BlazeVOX — Dog,” “A Visitor,” “Tea, Midvale,” “A Basic Guide to Science” and “His Jesus Isn’t Anybody’s Jesus”

Southwestern American Lit — “Smoke Girl”

Prick of the Spindle — “The Mouth’s Man,” “The Catapult,” and “Your Passport”

Colorado Review — “Being” (print only – Spring 2012)

Ep;phany — “In Rockland,” “Cliffs of Moor,” and “Bluff UT”   (print only — Spring 2010)

Mantis — “Writing On Fish” (Issue 5, 2006)


Eastown Fiction — “What I Mean To Say”

Criticism & Reviews: 

AfterImage Review — Gallery Review of Lawrence Brose & Christopher Burnett at The Visual Studies Workshop

Readings & Videos:

Oasis Short Film Festival – “Women Who” (Spring 2017)

Bayou @ AWP – March, 2015

TEDx Sandy – April 26, 2014

City Arts Reading Series — 2008, 2012, 2015

Working Dog Reading Series — 2005, 2006, 2007

University of Utah Guest Lecture Series – with Ron Carlson, Spring 2007

Utah Poetry Society – Guest Lecture 2012

Women Who from Harmony Button on Vimeo.

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